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Lucy Waving Hello

Carla Kroll

Carla Kroll

As a veteran of the US Air Force, I am always trying to grow and improve myself and the world around me. I am continually, increasing my programming knowledge and am working hard to become a high quality front-end developer.

Tucker and Lucy

my amazing pups

My two dogs, Lucy and Tucker, are the apples of my eye. Everyday I am able to hang out with these two characters and they make me feel better about the world. If this world could produce these loving and happy animals, there is hope for us yet!

My family

my family

Family is important, and luckily, I have a good one. We all live close and help each other out when needed. Its amazing to have the support system of my parents and they have helped mold me into who I am today. They're pretty great.

My Hobbies

gotta have hobbies

Everyone should have hobbies to help them grow and just get away from the everyday grind. Besides playing with my pups, I really enjoy playing my ukulele, reading books, watching movies, and when I am able to, I never pass up a chance to see a museum!